Keep Your Business Cool When Your Air Goes Out

If you have a small business and your air goes out, you need to do what you can to keep the environment comfortable for both your employees and any customers who happen to pay your business a visit. If it's very hot outside, you're going to have your work cut out for you, but below you'll find tips on cooling down your business quickly:

Use large fans

You want to have large fans situated near the entrances and exits, pointing in toward the center of the business. Before you turn the fans on you want to do a quick walk through and make sure you aren't going to blow a bunch of papers or other lightweight items all over when you turn the fans on.

Open all possible windows

You want to be sure you take advantage of all the windows that can be opened throughout the business. While it's sometimes better to leave the windows in a house closed when it's hot outside, you'll want to open them in a business where a lot of people are going to be moving around and coming in and out.

Use misters

If you have misters near the entrances and exits of your business, now is definitely the time to turn them on. The misters will help to give people a nice cooling effect when they walk into and out of your business. This cool feeling will last for a little bit, making it less miserable for them to be inside your business. You should also turn on any misters outside in the break area so your employees can cool down during their break.

Give out ice cold water

You want to have ice chests around your business filled with ice and cold bottles of water. Allow both your employees and your customers to grab bottled water for free. Offering cool water to employees will help them stay in a better mood and be more productive. Giving your customers cold water for free shows you want to keep them comfortable, despite the lack of air conditioning. It will also cause your customers to stick around longer, despite the uncomfortable temperature.

When you do what you can to cool your business down in the hot weather, you'll see every little thing can make a difference to the attitudes of those in your business. You want to keep everyone as cool as possible until you can get a commercial HVAC repair person out to fix your unit.