Simple Tips To Remove The Smell Of Smoke In Your Home After A Fire

When there has been a fire in your home, the smoke damage that is present can be almost as bad as the damage from the flames. Even if you only had a small fire in one room, the smoke can drift throughout the home and seep into walls, flooring, and all of the furniture and personal belongings. In order to restore your home fully after a fire, you must be able to eliminate the terrible odor that is left behind because of smoke. This is not always an easy feat when it comes to walls, ceilings, and the rest of the surrounding structure, but you can eliminate odors from clothing, belongings, and other furniture in some cases.

Removing the Smell of Smoke from Your Clothing

Fabrics seem to fully absorb smoke odors when there has been a fire in the home. This is because the fibrous materials, such as cotton, are highly absorbent. In order to get the smell out, you will have to work hard to pull the odors from every fiber of the clothes. Wash the clothes in the washer with laundry soap as usual, but include a cup of vinegar in every wash. Be sure to avoid drying the clothes until the smell is completely gone. You may have to run the clothing through several cycles of warm, vinegar water before the smell can be eliminated. 

Eliminating Smoke Odor from Books, Magazines, and Photos

Paper products, such as books and photos, can be just as affected by smoke damage as clothing and furniture. The odor that has saturated these items will continue to permeate the home until the items are treated or tossed out. A simple way to pull the odor out is by using baking soda. Pour a few boxes of baking soda in a plastic container with a lid and place books, photos, or documents inside. Close the container and allow it to sit for several days. Check periodically to see if the odor has been eliminated.

Ridding Your Wooden Furniture of Smoke Odors

Wooden furniture may be sealed and protected with various types of varnish. However, wood is a very porous material and after a fire, the smell of smoke can be overwhelming from your furniture. Use a strong vinegar solution, one part vinegar to one part water, to wipe down the surface of the wood. Allow the solution to saturate the wood for a few minutes and then rinse with a warm soapy solution. Repeat the process several times to achieve a better smell.

At first sight, you may think that everything in your home will have to be thrown away due to smoke damage. However, with a little time and attention, you can save a lot of your personal belongings. Consult with a professional restoration company, such as Serclean Inc, to see what other steps you can take.