Using Trees To Improve AC Efficiency

The unmitigated attack of the sun can wreak havoc on the AC system of a home. As UV rays beat down on the exterior of a home, they heat up the exterior and some of the heat seeps inside. While you might arm your home with an AC system to beat the heat, more than one line of defense can only help you. Strategically planting trees around your home can help you in a couple of ways. 

1. The Refuge of Shade

If you live in the northern hemisphere, heat from the sun will mostly come from the south and west. Thus, if you want refuge from the sun, planting trees on the north and east sides of your home will have little effect. You don't need to surround your home with trees, but placing tall trees with large crowns on the south of your home will provide some defense against the attack of the sun at noon. When you plant trees on the west of your home, you need to remember that the attack will come from a much lower angle, so you need shorter trees with a large crown or tall trees with limbs all along the length of the trunk in order to block the sun's attack. The right placement of trees will both beautify your yard and provide shade. 

2. Evapotranspiration

Shade is only one of the weapons that trees have in their armory. Through a process known as evapotranspiration, trees release water vapor into the air. This water vapor then cools the air around the leaves, and as the air cools, it settles down onto your house and yard. In effect, trees are like nature's air conditioner. If you can keep the air around your home cooler, it will help to keep your home cooler. 

Trees and AC Efficiency

The area beneath a tree can be up to 25 degrees cooler than air not protected by trees. By helping to keep your home cooler, trees can reduce your AC costs by as much as 30%

The war with summer heat can be costly, especially if your AC unit is your only line of defense. While an AC unit will help to cool your home back down once it heats up, you need to take steps to prevent your home from heating up in the first place. Trees will help to keep your home cooler, so they can reduce the strain on your AC unit and save you money in the process. Go to the website for  more information on home heating and cooling.