3 Steps To Take Prior To Finishing Your Basement

The addition of living space in your basement can increase the value of your home and give you more space to enjoy. Unfortunately, before the construction can begin, there are a few things that require your attention. Here, you will learn how to prepare your basement for finishing.

Treat the Mold

The mold that may have seemed harmless when the basement was not in regular use must be removed. Before you begin any construction in the basement, have a professional indoor mold removal technician, such as Bios Environments, come into your home, inspect the basement for mold, and perform all necessary removal treatments. Failure to remove the mold before you begin construction will cause the mold spores to become airborne and threaten the health of your family and those working on the construction project.

Stop the Moisture

If you found mold, then you likely have a moisture problem that needs to be addressed. As the mold removal technician works to remove the mold, he or she will be able to give you a rough idea of where the moisture is entering the basement. He or she may even be able to refer you to a skilled basement moisture repair company. Before proceeding with construction, put a stop to the moisture so that you do not have mold issues after the basement has been finished.

It may be recommended that you use a dehumidifier in your basement to keep the moisture in the air from settling on things and causing mold growth. The easiest form of dehumidifying your basement is installing a permanent dehumidifier. These units have gauges that read the moisture in the air and only turn on when the moisture in the air reaches a certain percentage. The water that it removes from the air is then directly drained into the home drainage system, making them virtually maintenance free.

Let the Light In

Sunlight is one element that is rarely seen in most basements. The cool, dark condition is what helps mold to grow. If you do not have windows in your basement, consider installing glass block windows in a few areas. These windows will allow the natural sunlight in without decreasing the security of your home.

These three steps can help you keep your basement living space healthy and clean for your family to enjoy. You will have fewer repair projects in the future and will not have the mildew odor that many basements have. Talk with your mold removal technician about further steps that can be taken to eliminate mold from your basement for good.