Is Roofing A Do-It-Yourself Job?

When it comes to home improvement projects, you often would prefer to try to take care of it yourself. After all, your home is your sanctuary and you want to make sure that you have control over everything that occurs in or on your home. However, there are some circumstances in which you may want to reconsider your do-it-yourself mentality. When it comes to your roofing, this may be one of those instances. Before you make the decision as to whether or not to perform roofing repairs or to install a new roof yourself, consider these key factors. Then you can make the best possible decision for you and your home.

Roofs Are More Slanted Than They Seem

Roofs can be deceptive when you look at them. The pitch or the angle of the roof is a lot more pronounced than it may look.

This is especially true of flat roofs. They are not actually flat. In fact, they are at least slightly angled to allow water to drain off of the roof. If you do not account for this in your replacement or repairs, you can cause more damage than good.

Consider Your Safety

When it comes to any do-it-yourself project, you need to seriously consider any risks to your health that you may be taking. Roofing presents its own set of very real safety hazards.

First and foremost, you need to keep the height in mind. If you are afraid of heights, roofing is not for you. Even if you think that you can work through your fear, you will be more anxious, jumpy, and shaky. This will increase your chances of experiencing a fall and injuring yourself or others that may be helping you with the project.

Additionally, even if you are comfortable with heights, standing on the roof is far different from working on it. You will be doing some heavy lifting, and some serious manual labor, and you will be moving around and up and down from sitting to standing quite a bit. All of this can add up to you finding yourself off-balance or disoriented and falling.

Proof of Warranty

If you plan to sell your house in the future, you will want to be able to provide your prospective buyers with proof that the roof is new. If you install the roof yourself, you will have no such official proof.

By hiring professional residential roofing contractors, you will be able to provide documentation that a new roof was installed. Plus, your potential buyers will be more comfortable knowing a professional installed the new roof rather than a do-it-yourselfer.

As you can see, roofing is one home improvement project that you may not want to do yourself. It can be risky and complicated, and should you try to sell your home, may not even be a recognized effort. Hiring a professional residential roofing contractor can save you from all of these potential troubles.