5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Caulk

A tube of caulk doesn't cost much, but it can make a huge difference in your home. You can use caulk to seal up cracks and holes that are allowing air or water leaks, or you can use it to seal up unattractive gaps in your trim. Regardless, although caulking is pretty easy, there are a few common mistakes that can mess the whole thing up. Avoid these five common issues, however, and you should be happy with the way that your caulking job turns out.

1. Trying to Get By Without a Caulking Gun

Don't assume that you can just squeeze the caulk out of the tube itself without a caulking gun. Even if you are tackling a small project, you will need a caulking gun for even application.

2. Caulking Over Old Caulk

Don't get lazy and caulk on top of existing caulk. If you do, you're sure to get a crumbly mess with an uneven finish. Use a putty knife or razor blade beforehand to get rid of any existing caulk in your work area.

3. Cutting the Tube Wrong

The way that you cut your tube of caulk can have an effect on how the entire job is done. If you cut too low on the tip of the tube, for example, too large of an amount of caulk will come out at once. Try cutting a small hole at the very tip at first; then, if necessary, you can always add an additional cut further down to make a bigger hole. Also, make sure that you break the inner seal; your caulking gun might have a sharp tool that can be used for this purpose, or you can use a needle.

4. Using Too Much

One common mistake that many people make is using too much caulk. Don't assume that more is better; if you use too much caulk, it can leave a globby mess and can actually do a worse job of sealing off cracks. Instead, remember that all you need is a small bead of caulk at a time. You can always go back and add more later if needed, but you'll probably be surprised by how little caulk you need to get the job done.

5. Tackling Big Projects On Your Own

Although you can probably tackle small caulking jobs, such as minor cracks around windows, on your own, you might want to leave the bigger jobs to a professional. If your whole home needs caulk, or if you need to use caulk in a highly visible area, then you might want to hire a handyman, such as GH Contractors & Handyman Services LLC, to help you with the job.

Caulk is a great way to improve the appearance of windows, doors, trim and other areas of your home. It can also make your home more energy efficient and can help prevent leaks, but it's important to do it the right way. Avoid these five common mistakes, and you're sure to be pleased with the way that your caulk turns out.