Strategies For Keeping Your Dog Inside Your Fenced Yard

Chainlink, a common fencing option (available from companies like American Secured Fence), may not be enough to foil some dogs. Unfortunately, diggers may still find their way under them, and climbers can sometimes get purchase on the links to vault themselves over the top. This doesn't mean you need to replace your whole fence though. You can make a few additions to your existing chainlink to make it sufficient for keeping your pup in your yard.


The simplest way to stop digging dogs is to create a barrier they can't easily get through. The following are a few options:

  • Bury a 10 inch width of wire fencing in a vertical trench along the perimeter of the fence. Your dog won't be able to dig through this barrier.

  • Install a concrete curb along the fence line. Your dog won't be able to dig through the concrete.

  • Remove all vegetation for 8 to 10 inches out from the fence, and then replace it with paving stones or rock mulch. These are more options that make digging difficult.

The benefit of the last two methods is that grass will no longer grow right against your fence, which will help simplify yard maintenance.


Not all dogs dig. Some wiggle and squeeze their way under a chainlink fence, eventually warping or bending the wire so that they have an easy escape hatch. Many chainlink designs don't have a bottom support bar for the chainlink, instead depending on tension between the posts to keep the fence taut. To stop a squeezer, you will need to add a bottom support bar to your fence yourself, or hire a fencing contractor to complete the job.

Climbers and Jumpers

Chainlink provides plenty of footholds for dogs that want to try getting over the top, so even poor climbers can sometimes make their way over. You have two main choices when it comes to stopping your pooch.

  1. Add height. The height necessary to stop your dog will depend on how well they jump and how high they are willing to climb. Often, adding just two more feet to the fence is sufficient.

  2. Create a fence top barrier. To do this, and 6- to 12-inches of fencing to the top of the fence, but angle it inward at a 45 degree angle. Your Dog won't be able to climb or jump while also navigating around this barrier.

Adding privacy panels to the fence may also stop climbers. These panels create a smoother surface, so your dog won't be able to get a foothold. Your dog may also be less tempted to climb when they can't see what lays beyond the fence.