Troubleshooting A Noisy RV Water Pump

Spending time in the great outdoors can be relaxing, and many people enjoy escaping into the tranquility of nature on a regular basis. Unfortunately, problems with the water pump in your RV could disturb your peace and quiet, and the solitude of the campers around you.

If your water pump is making more noise than usual, here are three potential fixes that might solve your problem.

1. Worn Materials 

Over time, the materials used to create your RV's water system can become worn. When pipe joints and fittings age, they become loose. If you notice your water heater making a lot of noise, check the connections running from the pump to the rest of your RV's water system.

Loose fittings should be replaced or sealed with an adhesive to prevent movement during use. Tightening pipe fittings can help reduce the amount of noise created by your water pump during use.

2. Rapid Cycling

Excessive noise could be a sign that your water pump is rapid cycling in low flow conditions. To determine if this is the issue, turn one of your RV's faucets to a lower setting than you would normally use. Listen for your water pump to cycle on, then cycle back off again.

If the pump doesn't remain off for at least 2 seconds, you may need to turn the adjustment screw on your pump clockwise until the 2-second threshold is reached. Preventing rapid cycling should quiet your water pump in the future.

3. Lack Of Water Storage

The water running through your RV's pump is pressurized, which can cause vibrations. The more water that your water pump must store, the louder these vibrations will be. Providing additional storage by installing an accumulator tank will help you reduce the amount of noise created by your water pump.

Not only will you be able to access more water after installing an accumulator tank, but these tanks can assist with reducing rapid cycling and unwanted pressure spikes as well. Provide your water pump with additional storage and you will effectively quiet your pump when it is in use in the future.

Having a noisy water pump in your RV can be a nuisance. To prevent a loud water pump from disturbing your next camping trip, be sure that you replace or tighten any loose pipe fittings, check for rapid cycling, and install an accumulator tank to provide additional water storage. For more assistance, contact a professional like those at All's Well.