Stylish Ideas For Your Bathroom Vanity

A vanity is usually the only piece of furniture in the bathroom. As such, the vanity not only drives the style of your bathroom, it also provides a prime workstation. Marble and granite are durable materials that add timeless elegance to your vanity. Design a beautiful installation, and top it with a material as hard-working as the vanity demands.

Modern Installation

While it's true contemporary design is characterized by clean lines and clear geometry, there is more than one way to achieve this style. For example, consider installing black cabinetry in front of a grayscale wall. Hang a square or round mirror on the wall, and flank it with geometric wall sconces. Top the vanity with a marble slab for white accenting with a touch of class.

Upcycled Furniture

A clever and environmentally friendly option for your bathroom vanity is to upcycle a dresser. Contractors simply need to retro-fit the dresser for plumbing. Likewise, they may add custom storage and even electrical outlets if needed. Since dressers weren't made to withstand so much water, though, have marble or granite installed on top. Choose one that matches the furniture's style. For example, if you're upcycling a mid-century dresser, consider topping it with speckled granite flecked with gold, which was characteristic of the time.

Colorful Corner

Garden or botanic themes have become more common for the bathroom. Better Homes and Gardens details a bathroom vanity with graphic flower wallpaper as the focal point. The cabinetry has two depths, which gives it a furniture feel. Painted green to further the botanical theme, this vanity gets topped with cool marble.

Makeup Vanity

A hallmark of efficient bathroom design is having designated task stations. With that in mind, consider adding a makeup vanity. Old world glam is a beautiful style for the makeup station. Hang a gilt or otherwise vintage mirror on one wall. Have the cabinetry built with a seating area and with specialized storage for makeup and grooming tools. Top the vanity with marbled granite in a color scheme that fits with the rest of your bathroom's style.

Shaving Station

Similar to the makeup vanity, a shaving station provides an area for a specific task. It might simply be the "his" section of a his-and-hers double vanity construction. However, have it set up with adequate lighting for shaving. Likewise, have the storage designed to accommodate shaving tools, including a magnifying mirror. This vanity should take on a more masculine overtone, perhaps with a chrome mirror and black granite for the countertop.

Let the beauty of your vanity drive the style in your bathroom. For more information, visit a company that specializes in granite vanities, such as A. Padilla Marble, Inc.