Learn How To Decorate The Windows Of Your Garage Door For The Holidays

Decorating your garage for the holiday season can be difficult. Investing in large decorations to hang on the door can be quite expensive, but it is possible to create unique decorations on the windows on your own without spending a fortune. The following guide walks you through the process of creating great winter decorations to stick to the windows of your garage door.

Gather Your Supplies

You will need a stencil for winter scenes or decorations, a pencil, scissors, and white tissue paper to create the winter design. You will then need white school glue, water, and a paintbrush to stick the decorations to the windows of the door.

Create Your Design

Unfold the tissue paper and lay it flat on a table. Lay the stencil on top of the paper and carefully trace the design with the pencil onto the paper. Do not press too hard when tracing the design as you could rip the thin paper, if you do.

Cut the Design

Use the pair of scissors to carefully trim around the edges of the design you traced. You want to be sure that you cut just inside of the line so that the lines will not be present on the decorations when you hang them on the glass.

Create Your Glue

Next, you need to mix roughly half of the bottle of glue with a splash of water. You will be putting a very light glaze of the glue onto the paper to get it to stick to the glass.

Attach the Decorations

You then need to add the decorations to the windows. Use the paintbrush to lightly brush the glue and water mixture onto one decoration at a time. Push the decoration against the glass and spread it out with your fingers until it is even. You want to be sure that there are no wrinkles in the paper so that it has a professional look when you are done.

Allow the Decorations to Dry

You need to let the decorations dry before using the door. If people are constantly opening and closing the door, the decorations could pull away from the glass from the wind created as the door moves.

When the holidays are over, you can simply wet the decorations with a damp rag and pull them away from the glass. Clean the glass with glass cleaner and you will never be able to tell that the decorations were on the door at all.

Check to with a professional like Bicknell Garage Door to make sure that these decorations will come off your garage door easily.