4 Tips For Keeping Your Property Safe During Major Renovations And Reconstruction

Whether you recently bought a fixer-upper that needs extensive renovations or reconstruction, or your making major updates to a home that you have lived in for years, it is important to be prudent about protecting your house and your investment during the whole renovation process. Use the following tips to keep your house safe and limit your liability while reconstruction and remodeling is going on:

Do Not Disconnect Your Smoke Detectors or Home Security System

Many renovation projects, such as floor sanding and plaster work, tend to create a lot of dust and debris in the air, which can inadvertently set off smoke detectors or home security alarms. Some people choose to simply disconnect their smoke detectors or security system, but this can be a big mistake. A better solution is to either cover the smoke detectors and security alarm sensors with plastic each day yourself, or ask your contractor to do it for you if you are not on-site. The plastic should be removed at night so the smoke detectors and the home security system can work properly in the event of a fire or a break-in.

Maintain Proper Insurance Coverage

Major renovations or reconstruction typically adds value to your home. Before the project starts, it is a very good idea to contact your homeowners insurance company to outline your plans and make adjustments to your current policy to ensure that you have sufficient coverage to protect your investment throughout the project. This will help eliminate the risk of your home ever being under-insured while renovations or reconstruction is being done.

Put Up  Construction Fencing

Signs of major renovations or reconstruction can attract the attention of vandals or thieves that may be searching for construction equipment or tools to take. A good way to protect your property during renovations or reconstruction is to have construction fencing erected around your property. Make sure any gates in the construction fencing are securely locked at the end of the day to prevent unwanted access on to your property. In addition to protecting your property from vandalism or theft, construction fencing can help limit your liability, as it will make it much more difficult for anyone to wander on to your property and injure themselves while renovations or reconstruction is going on. For  more information on construction fencing, visit http://rent-a-fence.com/.

Keep Fire Extinguishers On Hand

When you combine a variety of commonly used solvents and chemicals that are used in renovations and reconstruction with flammable items such as lumber, cardboard, and sawdust, there is a risk of fire. It is a very good idea to have several fire extinguishers on hand throughout the project just in case a small fire breaks out. Your contractor and all sub-contractors should know where fire extinguishers are located in case of an emergency.