Renovating An Old Farmhouse

Living out in the country in an old farmhouse is a dream for many Americans. Farmhouses have a lot of charm and history. They can also have a lot of problems. Moving in to one of these homes often means moving into a rural area that doesn't have the same comforts of the city. It can also mean lots of renovations to the home itself especially if it hasn't been updated in some time. Here are a few renovations that homeowners may need to do in order to bring an old farmhouse into the 21st century.

Well Pumps

Over 15 million homes in the US rely on well water. Since many farmhouses are in rural areas they often rely on well water. When renovating an old home, the well pump system should be examined in order to determine whether or not it is time to replace it. Some things that may indicate problems include low water pressure, dirty water, air spitting from the faucet, and higher than average electrical bills. Well pumps usually last around 25 years so if a farmhouse has had a pump longer than a couple of decades this is most likely a necessary renovation. Well pump installation and replacement costs an average of $1,583 but is necessary for getting good quality drinking water in many places. Contact a business, such as Mike's Pump and Well Service LLC, for more information about caring for your well. 


One of the main benefits of purchasing an old farmhouse is that they often come with a barn. While it may seem like a big burden, barns can actually be very useful. One way to make them useful is to renovate them enough to house farm animals once again. For homeowners who are uninterested in raising animals, the space can be renovated into a guest house or even an event space. Barns are a popular spot for things like weddings and parties. This is a great choice for homeowners who want to make money off their farmhouse and barn in a modern way.

Changing Up The Floor Plan

One major issue that many who purchase an old farmhouse run into is that the rooms are often small and closed off. Getting a modern open floor plan may be a challenge in these older homes but it is possible. Taking down walls and getting rid of superfluous small rooms is a big part of making the space feel more open and inviting. Since creating an open floor plan involves opening up walls, this is also a great time to renovate outdated plumbing and electrical systems. 

Renovating an old farmhouse can be a big challenge. Often things like well pumps must be replaced. Also renovations to barn and floor plans may be required in order to create a more modern living space that still retains the historical charm of the farmhouse.