3 Ways To Protect Your Self Storage Unit From Pests

Storing excess items in a storage unit is a great way to make room in your living space or make the process of moving that much easier. However, among the things you should be on the lookout for when storing said items is the possibility of pests, like rodents or insects. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn of just a few ways that you can protect yourself by taking preventative measures against potential pests. 

Keep Your Clothes Clean

Ensure that your storage unit is clean. You can make steps towards ensuring you have a clean living space by washing all of the clothing and cloth-based items that you plan on storing, including your linen. Many pests – especially the dreaded one-two punch of roaches and rats – love to make their home in unclean and unsanitary environments. By making sure that everything is clean and tidy, you're giving these beasts one less reason to make your storage unit their home. Make sure that everything is sufficiently dry before storing it, as well. Damp clothing can also attract pests and, worse yet, can create the conditions for mold to grow in your unit.

No Garbage

Under no circumstances should you ever store any items that can be considered garbage. This means that anything that you would throw away should be thrown away! Old food containers, damaged or rotting wood products and random pieces of cardboard should not be stored in your storage unit. It is also recommended that you look around your storage facility's grounds and make sure there is no garbage that is drifting about or close to your unit. If you find any, make sure to contact your storage unit's landlord and explain to them that these conditions are unacceptable.

Keep Plants Out

Plants can effectively operate as a Trojan horse for pests to enter your storage unit. Plants often supply the ideal living conditions for pests to enter your storage unit and since the plants will most likely not be tended to on a regular basis, pests will have all the more reason to make those plants their home since they can feed on your personal belongings uninterrupted. If you plan on storing any tools that were used to garden or for lawn care, it is also recommended that you clean them off before storing them, as pests can stow away into your storage unit in excess soil that remains on them.

If you suspect that pests have invaded your storage unit, it is highly recommended that you speak to your landlord about pest control professionals (such as those from Antex Exterminating Co Inc) taking care of the matter.