Crucial Questions To Ask When You Need To Have The Glass In Your Windows At Home Replaced And Money Is Tight

If you have recently experienced a weather or structural problem at home and as a result, need to have the glass replaced, it is probably going to be very important to be sure that you stay on a budget. Therefore, you should be sure to ask about the use of your homeowner's insurance, if applicable. You may also want to get estimates about the long-term savings from double-paned windows. Therefore, when you are making important decisions about replacing the windows at your home, it will be very helpful to ask the following questions. 

Will Your Homeowner's Insurance Cover Part Or All Of The Cost?

You have probably already considered that your homeowner's policy may kick in for part of the cost of your new windows; if they need replacement due to a crime, act of nature or even a particularly energetic group of kids playing ball in the street. However, you should clarify whether you will be able to get the windows replaced or if they will pay for the windows you had prior to the improvement.

For instance, if you upgraded your windows from single to double pane a few years back and did not inform the insurance company of that improvement, you may have difficulty getting them to replace the double-paned windows now. Therefore, if you are concerned about the cost of your replacement, windows, you should take a few minutes to call your insurance company if you are unsure as to whether or not they were informed of the change. Otherwise, you may find that you are liable for a lot more of the cost than you expected.

What Are The Long-term Savings Of Double-paned Glass? 

If you are used to single-pane windows and live in a cold climate, you will be happy to learn that double-paned windows can reduce the amount of energy you use in the winter by as much as 24%. Likewise, if you live in a hot climate, your energy savings could be as much as 18% during those hot summer days. You may be able to further improve your savings and ease of use, by choosing a top-of-the-line double-paned window, in lieu of a more affordable option. In addition, it is useful to consider that Consumer Reports has reported that few homes would benefit significantly from triple-paned glass unless they were in exceptionally cold areas. 

Top-of-the-line double-paned windows will often present with the following attributes, that their more affordable counterparts may lack:

  • The use of denser gases within the glass

  • Vacuum sealed gases

  • The availability of mesh screens that lean in, allowing for easier cleaning

It is also important to note that cost alone does not denote the best window for your needs. Instead, you should speak with a specialist from the glass company for recommendations specific to your home and current needs.

In conclusion, choosing a glass company (such as Jesse's Tri-City Glass & Mirror Inc) for your replacement windows at home is a big decision that can impact you and your family in a number of ways for several years. As a result, knowing the answers to the questions listed above will be very helpful.