What Are The Most Durable Flooring Options For Your New Home?

Whether you're looking for something for the kitchen, the hallway or one of the bedrooms, you need flooring that will be durable. When it comes to your new home, taking your time to find the best option is important. Here are the most durable flooring options to consider for your new home.

Hardwood Flooring

It makes sense that hardwood is one of the most durable. The problem is that it isn't very cheap. It can also be difficult to maintain, depending on the finish and type of wood you've chosen. You'll want to watch out for high heels, pets and children with toys when using hardwood.

Bamboo or cork may be a better option for durable flooring. High quality manufactured options will be durable, while being cheaper than hardwood. They are also easier to maintain, while being better for the environment.

Tile Flooring

Tiles are among the most favorable flooring options for bathrooms and kitchens. They certainly work well because they are water resistant and much harder than wood to damage with heels and pets. They also come in various styles and sizes, making it easier to make them match your décor.

The cost of tiles range between $1 and $20 per square foot, according to Money Crashers. There is also the cost of professional installation, although that is not always necessary. You could do it effectively yourself if you are handy.


Carpet has been used by individuals and families for decades. It is highly durable, and perfect for family homes. It keeps the warmth in rooms, offering a little extra insulation compared to the likes of tile and wood.

Carpet can be cheaper, costing between $2 and $5 per square foot, according to Money Crashers. The downside is that it can be easier to damage if you have children or pets. Spillages and torn fibers are common.

Stone Flooring

Stone is much harder to damage by all members of the family. It's not suitable for all rooms, but can be perfect for the bathroom or kitchen. It also makes a great entranceway from the patio. There are plenty of styles of stones, whether you want a rustic look or a marble finish.

The downside is the cost, as stone is not cheap and you will likely need a professional to help you lay it. The upside is that maintenance costs will be lower, as it is waterproof and harder to crack.

There are plenty of options for your home. The type of flooring will depend on the room and the members of your family. These are the most durable options, helping you find something within your price range.

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