Ten Things That Don't Belong In Your Hot Tub

If you have a hot tub, you should be aware of some things that can not only damage your spa but that may be potentially dangerous. Since these tubs are typically maintained around 100 degrees, there are some things that simply don't belong in your hot tub:

  1. Body grime. Don't use your hot tub as a bath; insist that everyone using your spa be clean or shower first to remove body grime that could cause bacterial growth and infection.
  2. Bubble-bath. Manufacturers of brand-name spas recommend that you never use foaming products, like bubble-bath, in your tub. This can cause an overflow, slippery floor, and potential water damage.
  3. Long hair. Always securely tie-back long hair before ever entering a hot-tub. Long hair can easily become caught in the grate at the bottom, causing injury or risk of drowning.
  4. Unsupervised kids. Never allow unattended children in your hot tub. This poses a very real risk of children becoming overheated or drowning.
  5. Open wounds. Getting in a hot tub with open wounds or sores is just asking for trouble; the heat and chemicals may cause serious infection to anyone in the water.
  6. Household cleaning products. Before cleaning your tub, know that household cleaning solvents should never be used. These products are harsh, and may damage the finish of your spa. Furthermore, residue could cause bacteria and potential illness.
  7. Sand or rocks. It is a good idea to provide a foot-wash near your tub to prevent any sand or gravel from finding its way in your tub. Sand can clog the filter, burn out your motor, and ruin your spa.
  8. Chlorine. Chlorine is typically used in larger pools to keep bacteria to a minimum. This can require a lot of maintenance, as chlorine is harsh and can be irritating to the skin or eyes. Instead, choose Bromine, which requires less overall maintenance and that may be less of an irritant.
  9. Intoxicated individuals. Don't let people that are inebriated in your hot tub. The heat of the tub can be dehydrating, as can alcohol, and in conjunction can lead to heart palpitations, coma, and even death for intoxicated individuals.
  10. UV Rays. The sun contains harmful UV rays, which can fade or damage your tub over time. The best approach is to keep the tub covered at all times when not in use.

If you find that your hot-tub is not performing up to par, contact a spa repair service in your region, such as Anchor Pools & Spas, to have it resolved, and avoid using it in the meanwhile. This ensures that the tub doesn't pose potential risk to anyone using it, and can prevent further damage to your spa.