Pairing Casters With Construction Scaffolding

If you have to use scaffolding on a job site, it can get old really quick. Every time you have to move to a new area of your project, you have to take down the scaffolding and move it. Using casters should allow you to easily roll your scaffolding around your job site, but only if you buy the right casters. Look for at least these key characteristics casters for your scaffolding. 


The first key to choosing casters is making sure that they are large enough to easily roll over any small obstacles around your job site. If you have ever tried to push a shopping cart or baby stroller through gravel, then you know exactly how casters tend to lock up and fail to roll over obstacles. Buy the largest diameter of casters that will still fit your scaffolding.

Metal Construction

The second characteristic you should insist on is that your casters be made with metal hubs. For one thing, the metal will hold up better when they brush up against obstacles. If you had plastic hubs, brushing up against nails sticking out from a wall, a jagged end of a two-by-four, etc., could gouge the plastic. With enough time and enough gouges, you might find that you need to replace your casters before they completely give out. Also, metal will be able to handle heavier scaffolding, and you should not have to worry about overloading your scaffolding and crushing your casters. 

Locking Levers

The last thing that you should look for is a locking lever on each caster wheel. The last thing you want when you are twenty feet up in the air trying to operate a nail gun or some other piece of machinery is for your scaffolding to start rolling. You should make sure that you have a locking lever on each caster to make sure there is no chance that your scaffolding starts rolling. You should be able to step down on the locking lever with your foot to engage the lock and then nudge the lever up with your toe to disengage it. 

The right casters will increase the mobility and utility of your scaffolding, but the wrong casters can make you wish you had never bought them. Because there are different styles and sizes of scaffolding, it is critical that you make sure that any casters you buy are made for the scaffolding you use on the job, and that they are made with the demands and challenges of a construction site in mind. 

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