Answering Routine Questions Concerning Impact Windows

There is a large number of window styles that you can choose for your home. As a result, it can be common for homeowners to be relatively uninformed about many of these options, which can make it more difficult to decide what kind of window is best for your home. In particular, impact windows are often poorly understood by new homeowners, and you may benefit from having a few questions about these windows answered.

Are Impact Windows Only For Homes In Areas At Risk Of Hurricanes?

There is a common misconception among some individuals that these windows are only for homes that are at risk of hurricane damage. While these windows are designed to better withstand the punishing conditions that occur within tropical storms, it should also be noted that these windows can be valuable to any home because strong storms can strike anywhere.

How Are Impact Windows Installed?

In order to have impact windows installed, it will be necessary to remove both your current windows and their frames. This is necessary because the glass in these windows is much heavier than conventional glass, which requires it to have a special frame. Fortunately, replacing your window frames is a fairly simple task, and most contractors will be able to complete this installation within a couple of days, but the exact amount of time will be determined by the number of windows that need to be replaced.

Are Impact Windows Energy Efficient?

Some homeowners may be hesitant about installing impact windows because they may have concerns regarding the energy efficiency of these windows. You should be relieved to learn that these windows can be made to be extremely energy efficient. This is possible through the use of tints that absorb much of the sun's energy before it can reach your home's interior. Also, it is possible to opt for dual-paned insulated impacted windows. These windows have a special gas between the panes of glass that will help to insulate your home against convective heat gain or loss.

Impact windows can be a great option for homeowners that are wanting to protect their home's against broken windows during strong storms. By understanding that these windows are suitable for homes outside of hurricane-prone areas, the process of making this upgrade to the house and that these windows can be extremely energy efficient, you will be a better-informed homeowner when it comes to the windows of your house. For more information about impact windows, contact a contractor like Gulf Coast Builders Inc.