How To Replace A Top Pole On The Chain-Link Fence Around Your Parking Lot After A Tree Branch Falls On It

Chain-link fences are popular for a business like auto shops that want to protect to vehicles parked at the business overnight, but they can be easily damaged by tree limbs falling during a winter storm. If a pole gets bent on the fence after a branch falls on it, the fence won't be able to supply the same amount of protection to the vehicles. Fortunately, a pole that gets bent in the fence is not that difficult and most small business owners can do the work by themselves if they don't want to call the insurance company or pay to have someone else fix it. If a branch falls on a section of your chain-link fence during a storm this winter and you need to replace the top pole, here is how to do it.

Remove Top Pole

The fence is tied to the top pole with tie wires. You should use a pair of pliers to unwind the ties and take of them off of the damaged pole. There should be about 6-10 tie wires you'll have to remove. You may have to remove a cap on a fence post to remove it from the pole. If you have to take a cap off one of the posts, tap the sides of it softly up with a hammer. The cap should come right off.

The poles around a chain-link fence all have a tapered end and an open end. The tapered end fits into the open end to connect the poles together. You need to disconnect the poles so you can remove the damaged one. Take a hacksaw fitted with a medium metal cutting blade and cut the pole in half near one of the posts. Pull both halves out and toss them into a metal recycling pile.

Installing New Pole

You will usually have to cut the new pole to size so it fits snugly between the two existing poles still on the fence. Take the tapered end of the new pole and place it into the open end of the existing pole on the fence. Line the open end of the replacement pole up against the tapered end of the other pole still on the fence. You want to cut the replacement pole so the tapered end fits into it. Mark on the replacement pole where the tapered end of the pole on the fence overlaps it and cut the replacement pole to size with the hack saw.

Slide one end of the replacement pole onto an end on one of the old poles - either end will do. Slide any post caps you took off onto the replacement pole. Now, slide the other end of the replacement pole into the other pole. Slide the caps over the post and place them in position on top of the posts by gently tapping them down. The fence is now able to provide the maximum amount of protection that it can to the vehicles parked in your parking lot overnight.

Attach the chain-link fence to the pole with wire ties. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Phoenix Fence, Co.