3 Tips To Keep Your Roof Intact This Coming Winter

The roof is one area of the home that is sometimes overlooked when it comes to regular maintenance tasks. But the winter season is one of the most important times of the year for homeowners' to keep tabs on their roof if a leak is to be avoided. Here are three tips to keep in mind if you want your roof to make it through to next spring with no leaks to speak of.

Regular Clean Up Is Key

Late fall and all of winter can sometimes make you feel like someone put a magnet for debris up on your roof. Dead leaves, tree branches and plenty of other junk can end up on your roof, especially if there was a strong storm with a lot of wind. After every major storm, take a quick look up at your roof and look for any issues that you can see. Keeping your roof clean and free of debris is the best possible thing you can do to prevent leaks.

Don't Forget the Gutters

Sometimes when a leak happens on your roof, it's not the roof itself that is the culprit but the attached gutter system. Clogged gutters can lead to all sorts of problems year round, but in the winter, you are at risk of developing an ice dam. These can cause issues with nearby roof tiles and next thing you know, you've got major leakage. Clean your gutters at least once a month during the colder months of the year to make sure all debris stays down on the ground where it belongs.

It's Time to Upgrade Your Insulation

Winter is a good time took at insulation throughout your home but your attic's insulation should be given special attention. Many leaks are caused by warm air escaping through the attic, into the roof, which causes the snow and ice to melt. If you have not checked on your attic's insulation in a while, make it a priority this year.

Late fall and the winter season are notorious for causing roofing problems. If you want to avoid having to call a roofing repair service, you need to stay on top of a regular maintenance schedule for your roof. Even if you plan to do most maintenance tasks yourself, it couldn't hurt to have a roofing contractor like Economy Roofing come out to your house once a year before winter arrives to make sure everything is ready for the storm ahead.