Consider These Creative Methods Of Traveling Between Your Custom Home And Garage

One of the best parts about designing a custom home and then having it built is that you can introduce features that will really turn the heads of your guests. If you like the idea of having a garage built that is next to your home but not actually part of it, there are several options that you can consider for traveling between these two buildings. Think about how you intend to use the garage, as doing so will help you to evaluate the best way of accessing it from your house. Here are three creative ways of traveling between the two buildings.

Second-Level Walkway

If your garage is designed to be two levels, you may wish to connect it to your house with a walkway that runs between the second level of each building. For example, if you plan to use the second level of your garage as a guest house or a home office, it will be nice to have this area connected to your home for the ease and convenience of those using the space. A second-level walkway can be enclosed, but a more cost-effective method is to have it open to the air. In this design, it can run between a pair of second-floor balconies on the two buildings. 

Courtyard Area

A less-ambitious but still-enjoyable way to connect the garage and the house is with a ground-level courtyard. In this design, you'll want exterior doors in both buildings that face each other. Then, regardless of the distance between the garage and the house, you can work with your custom home builder to come up with an idea for a courtyard. Some homeowners with this setup favor using this space at a patio, and some even have a roof-like structure that spans between the buildings to allow you to enjoy sitting out in this area even in inclement weather.

Underground Tunnel

If you want to get really creative, an underground tunnel that connects the two buildings is a catchy idea. This is especially suitable if the garage has a basement; perhaps you'll be using this space as a rec room or, if you're really wanting something luxurious, you may even use the garage basement as a car storage area, complete with a car lift. In such a case, you can connect the basement of your house with the basement of the garage with a tunnel that runs below your lawn. The builder will be excavating the two basements anyway, so having this tunnel dug can work well.