Prepare An Outdoor Dining Area At Your Ice Cream Shop

Now that temperatures are slowly rising and spring is right around the corner, you may be thinking of ways to attract clients to your ice cream shop and provide clientele with plenty of space to enjoy their purchases outdoors. If you have a small concrete patio leading to your establishment, use the tactics below to improve the outdoor area. 


  • water hose
  • garden sprayer
  • detergent
  • concrete cleanser
  • cleaning tool
  • patch
  • shovel
  • trowel
  • sealer
  • roller
  • paintbrush
  • wall panels
  • patio sets
  • canopy
  • vases 
  • fresh flowers

Clean, Repair, And Seal The Patio

Remove furnishings or other loose items that are on the patio. Use a water hose or garden sprayer to soak the patio's surface. If mud or oily substances have stained the concrete, detergent or a concrete cleaning agent should be applied to stains. A stiff-bristled cleaning tool can be used to assist you with treating dirty surfaces.

After rinsing the patio off, inspect the concrete surface. Small crevices or cracks will affect the beauty of the outdoor eating area. Concrete patch is a product that can be used to fill indentations. After opening a container of patch, dip a small shovel or trowel into the patch. Use either tool to apply patch to damaged concrete.

Patch should be applied to damaged areas until the patched areas are level with the rest of the patio. Do not place any weight on the patio until the patch has dried. A coat of sealer will increase sheen and provide the patio with protection. Roll or brush sealer across the patio. If you want to add more than one coat of sealer, allow plenty of time for the first coat of sealer to dry before adding any more of the product. 

Add Portable Wall Panels, Furnishings, And A Canopy

If you would like to provide your patrons with a little bit of privacy while they are enjoying their frozen treats, install portable wall panels that are constructed of vinyl or another waterproof material. If the furnishings that were previously on the patio are not in the best shape, invest in several patio sets. Place the patio sets next to the wall panels. Add vases filled with fresh flowers to the center of each table.

Reduce the glare of the sun and keep your customers dry on rainy days by erecting a canopy over the outdoor dining area. The canopy will encourage people to stop by your establishment on days where the weather is less than perfect. To learn more, contact a concrete repair company near you.