Why Tuckpointing Is Good For A Chimney

Without the right maintenance, a fireplace can be a big fire hazard. The most important area of a fireplace is the chimney, and it is the main part that must receive occasional maintenance. The bricks of a chimney can shift out of place, become damaged, and develop several other problems that should be taken seriously. In some cases, it is necessary for a method called tuckpointing to be performed on the chimney to bring it back to a safe condition. After reading the content below, you will have more knowledge about tuckpointing and why your chimney might need it.

When Should Tuckpointing Be Performed?

In order for a chimney to stand tall and stable on your roof, the bricks must be attached in a thorough manner. Mortar is used to create solid joints between the bricks to keep them attached to each other. As time passes by, the joints can become weak and damaged due to age or the effects of natural elements. For instance, the hardened mortar can begin to crumble and deteriorate. Tuckpointing is necessary when you notice that there are areas of damaged mortar between the chimney bricks.

How Is Tuckpointing Beneficial?

The main benefit of performing tuckpointing on a chimney is to reinforce the mortar joints. However, there are a few other benefits that makes the investment wise as well. By getting the joints repaired, you can prevent moisture from developing inside the chimney and causing a lot of damage in your house. For instance, the moisture can lead to mold growth and wood getting damaged. Your house will be more valuable if the chimney mortar joints are in good shape.

What Might Happen Without Tuckpointing?

If you neglect to get tuckpointing performed on your chimney when it is necessary, the mortar joints will continuously deteriorate. In the worst-case scenario, your chimney will end up crashing down, and the debris will land in your house and on top of the roof. Before the chimney collapses altogether, it will begin to lean and detract from the curb appeal of your house, which decreases its value. Leaving the joints in bad shape will also make it easy for insects to get into your house through the holes in the mortar. Tuckpointing can prevent your house from losing its level of energy efficiency by reducing the risk of air coming in or leaving out through damaged mortar joints. 

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