Signs Your Wood Shake Roof Needs To Be Repaired

Your roof should last for many years with proper maintenance and care. When your roof needs to be repaired, you will notice some signs, but not all of them. Wood shake roofs are known for their attractive appeal and long-lasting ability because the wood shakes are normally designed of redwood or cedar; both known to resist water damage and mold. However, even a wood shake roof needs repairs from time to time.

Here are signs your wood shake roof needs to be repaired. When you make repairs as they are needed, you help preserve the foundation of your roof longer and keep your roof in beautiful condition, which is important for curb appeal and upkeep.

Missing shakes

Missing wood shakes are a sign that your roof is in need of repairs. When missing shakes are left unattended to, the exposed areas of your roof become susceptible to water damage and worse. Surrounding wood shakes lose their support and can become loose or fall away as well.

You may see wood shakes hanging off of your roof or connected at odd angles, dangling on the top of your roof where they have come loose. Or, you may find wood shakes on the ground following a windstorm or other severe weather conditions. If you find a single wood shake on the ground, call your roofing contractor right away. It's dangerous to climb on the roof yourself, both for the remaining roof that is not damaged yet and to yourself.

Discolored or warped shakes

As your wood shake roof gets older, the shakes themselves will start to lose color. This is due to natural wear and tear and constant exposure to the sun. You can have your wood shakes periodically treated with a UV ray-resistant water sealant to help preserve your shakes. This is a regular service your roofing contractor can do for you as recommended. This service will help make your roof last longer.

Since wood shakes are still natural in their construction, some water damage is to be expected over time. This results in wood shakes that are warped, wrinkled, cracked, or bowed. All wood shakes that are damaged due to water should be replaced. Your roofing contractor will give you an estimate for repairs and will preserve as much of your existing roof as possible to help minimize your costs. Choose a roof service who has worked on wood shake roofs before as this style of roof requires expert care.