Living In A Double-Wide Trailer: It's Not What You Think

There is tons of talk about living in a double-wide trailer or other modular home. However, most of the conversation completely misses the mark. Unfortunately, many of these myths keep people, like yourself, from enjoying the perks of a trailer home. Learn how to block out the noise by learning about some of the most common tales.

Income Limits

A widespread misconception about living in a trailer is that they're only for low-income people. However, a home is only what its owner makes it, whether you live in a traditional home or a manufactured home. Mobile home communities are for everyone and will have the same mix of people that you'd find in any other neighborhood. 

Safety Issues

Don't let a misbelief about a safety issue keep you from purchasing a manufactured home. Sure, in extreme weather, being inside one of these home's might not be the safest option, but in reality — what structure really is safe in a hurricane or tornado? Don't have any hesitation; you will be safeguarded in your home. 

Building Requirements

The construction of a manufactured home might not resemble the same manner as that of a conventional building. However, rest assured that these homes do have government-mandated building requirements. From fire resistance qualities to wind resistance to energy efficiency, if you buy a manufactured home, you will know that your home is up to code. 

Resale Limitations

In life, things are always changing. So, you might be leaning toward the idea of purchasing a manufactured home right now, but you might not be certain it will still be the right option for you 5 years down the line. Regardless of what you might have heard, you can resale your mobile home and possibly even earn money from the sale. Keep in mind, the location of your home and even updates you've performed can help enhance value. 

Design Options

You can make changes to your mobile home. One factor that is often overlooked is the fact that manufactured homes can be placed on a foundation and remodeled. Whether you want to redo the kitchen or you want to add onto the home, you have plenty of design options so you can customize the home to fit the exact specifications you need. 

Finding a new modular home for your family is as simple as finding a realtor to help you sort through the listings in your area. In fact, that's the only thing keeping you from your new home. For more information, reach out to companies like RidgeCrest home sales.