A Snow Removal Service Helps Keep Your Store Open After a Heavy Snowfall

Snow makes the landscape beautiful and provides hours of fun building snow people and sledding. However, snow can be very aggravating when you run a store and the parking lot is buried in snow. You need the lot cleared quickly so customers can park and shop. The easiest way to manage this task is to hire a snow removal company, such as A Thru Z Construction. Here are some things to know.

Sign a Contract Before the Snows Start

Although a contract isn't always necessary, one way to guarantee you'll get snow removed is to have a contract in place before it starts snowing. Otherwise, you'll have to scramble to find someone with a plow after a snow when there may be others trying to do the same thing. Contracts work in different ways, but usually, the snow removal service will clear your lot automatically after a big snow. You may pay at the start of the season or monthly, but you'll have peace of mind knowing your lot will be cleared when it needs it so your store can operate.

Snow removal services often establish set routes, so you can predict when your lot will be cleared. Not everyone can be first, but snow removal is often done at night so your shop will be ready for customers by business hours. Your agreement outlines the nature of snow clearing that might include the number of visits during the season until there's an extra charge and the amount of snow necessary before the lot is cleared.

Include Sidewalk Clearing Too

While clearing parking lots is a big job that is usually done with plows, a snow clearing service may also clear your sidewalks and the entrance to your store with a snow blower or skid steer. They may also put down ice or sand to give the area traction. Your customers will appreciate having a clear path to your store, and by hiring other people to get the work done, you won't have to devote a lot of time to or risk your health shoveling snow. When you enter into a seasonal contract, the company may install snow poles at the beginning of the season to mark boundaries of your lot and sidewalks so they know where to start clearing when all the land is covered in snow.

A snow removal service is essential when your store is in a location that gets frequent snows in the winter, and it's also nice to have on standby when your area just has occasional snows. Keeping your parking lot clear is necessary so your store can stay open for business. If your lot isn't clear, customers have nowhere to park if snow is piled up along the streets too. While having a contract is the best way to take care of your snow problems, you can also call for snow clearing without a contract if you need it. You might have to pay a little more, but the cost will be worth it to keep your store open.